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Archery GB Instructor Award

Archery GB Instructor Award at Great Tower

The Archery GB Instructor Award is the new entry level training course for people working in leisure, recreation and educational environments. The course is focused on training leaders to deliver fun a nd safe introductory archery sessions. The course will be delivered by accredited Archery GB tutors.

The course will be mainly practical and outside but will also include some indoor theory sessions. The course will include a practical assessment. All aspects of the course will take place within the site.

A recommendation for a scout archery permit can also be provided on successful completion of this course. Please note, the permit itself, is granted locally. Permits can be restricted depending on individual performance so that archery can still be delivered, but only under specific circumstances.

A self-catering building will be available from 4pm the evening before day 1 until 11am on the last day. All rooms have bunk beds and you may be sharing with another participant on your course. Bedding is provided with our indoor accomodation, but you do need to bring a towel. The kitchen will have everything you need for preparing and eating your meals. 

You will need to bring food for the whole course. Please make a packed lunch as you may not be at your accommodation for lunch.

Scout Members £280/Non-scouts £350

2 days

If you have any any questions about the course please contact Nicola (training@scoutadventures.org.uk)